• Mastering - $100/Track
  • Mixing - $300/Track
  • Sound Mixing For Film - $50/hr
  • Film Scoring - $50/hr



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Studio Equipment

Control Room
Adam A7X Studio Monitors
Avantone Active Mixcube Monitors
BLA Micro Clock 3 XB
Custom Built DAW 
Cubase 10.5
Wavelab 10
Ableton Live 10
Maschine 2.8.3
Adobe Creative Cloud


SA 4000 Stereo Bus Compressor (SSL)
BLA Bluey (1176 Blueface)
Pete's Place BAC-500 (1176)
Klark Teknik (LA2A) (Modded)
ART Pro VLA II Opto Compressor (Modified by Revive Audio)
DBX 560A (Pair)
DBX 160x (Pair)
DBX 163x (pair)
ART VLA 500 (Pair)
FMR Audio RNC 1773

Equalizers (EQ)

Bettermaker 502P (Pultec)
Maag EQ2 (pair)
DBX 510
Klark Teknik DN 360


Slate Digital VMS ML-1
Slate Digital VMS ML-2
Baby Bottle (Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics 1998-2004) 
Oktava MK 219 (Micheal Joly Mod)

Mic Preamps

Slate VMS One
Stam 1073 (Neve) (pair) 
Steinberg UR824 (24 Channels of Preamps) (Premium Mod by BLA)

Production Gear

Maschine 2
Komplete Kontrol S61 (Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector's Edition)
Ion Profile LP TurnTable


Acustica Audio
Plugin Alliance
Slate Digital
Sound Toys
Native Instruments
and more...

Mastering Services